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5 Energy Tips to Amp Up Your Morning Routine

Let me keep it real with you right now, girl. Our morning energy is fueled by our habits and behaviors. Mornings are the precursor for the rest of the day for many of us. How we show up and pay attention at the beginning of the day influences our energy level, attitude, and future choices for the rest of the day. 

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Are You Lost in Love’s “Comfort Zone”?

It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone. We realize ahead of time that a tough or stressful encounter is very likely to follow. We can’t always prepare for what this might be. I think it is fair to say that many of us prefer to stay inside the supposedly safe and familiar confines of our comfort borders, am I right? If only such a place existed…

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5 Pro Tips to Thrive in a Long Distance Relationship

We are never fully ready for half of the shit we go through, but believe it or not, our backs are built for it. The live and learn mentality runs deep in long distance relationships. These kind of relationships require great determination and desire to overcome the temporary limitations. Ultimately, they give you power to grow individually and together. You will live, learn, and grow in long distance relationships that’s for sure!

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