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At Less Flowers More Tongue, we share unapologetically real stories and points of view. On a mission to explore and celebrate what it means to be human, we invite you to join us by embracing both your highest highs and your lowest lows - even if that means less flowers and more tongue.

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Keep It Real + Live Your Life

No doubt about it, it’s not always easy to be true to yourself. There are moments in each of our stories where the truth of how we are actually doing or what we might be going through isn’t pretty or fun to talk about. Life isn’t all sunshine, smiles, and (you guessed it) flowers. Do you ever find yourself hiding from your truth?

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Easy Healthy Recipes - Butternut Squash Noodles + Veggies

Some nights are just good for veggies, veggies, and more veggies. This dish is a great way to reset your gut and get the nutrition your body craves. This recipe is a winner all the way! May you have good food and good health, friends!

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Live Your Truth - Dick*Coffee*Travel

Your ideal state of mind should bring you perfect peace and clarity. It should make you feel exuberantly alive. Your state of mind will foster accountability or block it entirely. It influences your actions, behavior, and mood. So, it will either clear the path for your authentic inspiration to shed light for you, or it will run you off the road into a dark ditch. If it were me, I would vote for the shedding light option. We are all in the pursuit of happiness.

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