5 Energy Tips to Amp Up Your Morning Routine

By Claire Lam

How do you feel when your alarm goes off in the wee early hours? Be honest…do you feel ready to take on a new day, or are you absolutely dragging?

If you don’t enthusiastically rise and shine at the sound of your alarm, don’t feel bad! For most of my adult life, I was not a morning person whatsoever (on any day of the week). As I moved into my late 20s, though, this particular character trait began to really bother me, but I struggled to find a way to change it.

Let me keep it real with you right now, girl. Our morning energy is fueled by our habits and behaviors. Mornings are the precursor for the rest of the day for many of us. How we show up and pay attention at the beginning of the day influences our energy level, attitude, and future choices for the rest of the day. 

Get into the habit of asking yourself: “Does this support the life I’m trying to create?”

My goal in sharing this next bit of hard truth with you is not to scare you off, I promise. In actuality, I want to be really honest with you by not painting a sugar-coated picture. Because let’s be honest…those pictures aren’t helpful to anyone! And so, let’s set some expectations. 

It took me around 6 hard months to fully form these new habits below and to make them a natural part of my daily routine. Your motivation will ebb and flow (which is totally normal), but the important thing is to remain committed to consistency if you truly desire lasting results in your habits and behaviors!

Learn more about the process of forming new habits here! 

Friend, I encourage you to look beyond the obvious in what’s next. These 5 points are super basic, easy ways to show love to your mind and body starting in the morning hours. Believe me, self-care in the form of simple, healthy habits and behaviors is self-love. And girl, you want to choose love!

#1 Drink Water

What would happen if you didn’t have water for 6-8 hours during the day? You’d be so dehydrated! Your mind and body would be screaming at you. Girl, do not deprive yourself of this necessity first thing in the morning. Make it a no-brainer by keeping a cup of water by your bed or head right for the kitchen to grab some as soon as your feet hit the floor. The result of drinking water when you first wake up will be increased energy and proper hydration to start the busy day ahead.

Pro Tip: This is my favorite water pitcher. It has saved me hundreds of dollars by replacing water bottles (and we all like to save money, am I right). Check it out!

#2 Work Out

Girl, each one of us has a crazy busy schedule. Don’t let your overwhelming day block you from exercise, though. When it does, it’s an excuse. It might mean you need to adjust and wake up 1-2 hours earlier, but I promise it will be worth it in the long-run. You have a choice to do (or not do) this regardless of your calendar. Your mind and body will feel so accomplished and energized if you choose to make this activity a morning commitment. 

Pro Tip: If you’re “prepping” the night before, that early morning alarm clock won’t be nearly as brutal as you think. Prep your mind and body by going to bed at a decent hour to get enough rest. It’s ok to unplug and resume tomorrow. 

#3 Take Your Supplements

First, here’s a hard truth moment: stay away from foods and drinks that make you feel like absolute shit during or after consumption. So often, it’s not your body that’s the problem. In truth, it’s the stuff you’re devouring that is making you feel that way.

You can't expect supplements to work as they’re intended to if your diet is crappy and filled with toxic foods and drinks. When you eat cleaner foods, you will feel so much more natural energy and stamina. This foundation allows the supplements to get in and take your energy and focus to a whole other level. The supplements I take each morning are: BiOptimizers Probiotics and Enzymes and Qualia Focus.

Pro Tip: Always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement routine. I am NOT a heath care professional. It’s important to discuss any potential changes with your “Jedi Counsel” prior to beginning.

#4 Cut the Sugar

I am a total sugar bear, but I had to modify this craving. Who likes to sprinkle sugar/sweeteners in their coffee, cereal, and/or fruit (we ALL do, trust me)? If you do this, you’ll likely notice your energy declining shortly after the intake. And then, you’ll feel sluggish the rest of the day. Sound familiar to anyone else? 

I’ve found that there are 2 ways to counter-act this: 1) add more bits of sugar in your diet throughout the day, or 2) skip it all together to begin with. The bottom line is that adding more sugar is not a healthy energy source. It’s not serving a positive purpose for your mind and body so just cut it out.

Pro Tip: If you’re like me, morning coffee is a non-negotiable. Concentrate on finding a quality coffee that hits the spot for flavor then you really won’t want or need extra sugar. 

Some of my favorite coffees are:

Also, as an alternative to sugar in your coffee, I recommend MCT Oil. It’s a unique source of energy derived from coconuts. This product is great in smoothies, shakes, and salad dressings, too. (Check out our favorite protein shake recipes!)

For more information on MCT Oil and to get the product I use, CLICK HERE and enter code LFMT for 10% off your order! 

#5 Eat Breakfast

You know the old saying that says, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Ok, we are all running a million miles an hour to get to the next place in the morning, but oversleeping, your kids, traffic to work, or whatever is not a good excuse not to eat. It’s actually a bullshit one!

Your mind and body must have proper nutrients to fuel your energy. Skipping this step will throw off not just your entire morning but your entire day. If you’re pressed for time and cannot make a breakfast like eggs, a protein shake, or oatmeal, then keep quick, easy alternatives within your reach. Some of my favorite go-to morning grabs (that do great in the car as well) are protein bars like MCT Bars and pre-made protein shakes like Orgain Organic Chocolate Shakes. 

Pro Tip: In the morning, if it's out of sight, then it’s totally out of mind. Keep items where you’ll see them…by your coffee pot or in the front of the fridge. It’s also smart to put some spare protein bars in your car’s center console and in that little pocket of your purse. This way you always have something to reach for if you happen to forget…because who’s not busy these days, right?!

The power of habit controls many areas of your health, as well as your energy level. My friend, if you want more morning energy, then you’ve got to focus on creating healthy morning habits that result in good health. My 5 energy tips are my morning ritual. I strive to stick to them whether it’s a busy week day or the weekend. You, too, can modify them to fit your daily routine. If you want to tackle the day ahead with positive energy and focus, look at what you’re doing (or not doing) right out of the gates in the morning.

Do you have a positive morning energy ritual? Drop a comment below and tell me more about how you stimulate your mind and body in the morning! I’m always up for learning a thing or two myself! 



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