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By Claire Lam


Your ideal state of mind should bring you perfect peace and clarity. It should make you feel exuberantly alive. Your state of mind will foster accountability or block it entirely. It influences your actions, behavior, and mood. So, it will either clear the path for your authentic inspiration to shed light for you, or it will run you off the road into a dark ditch. If it were me, I would vote for the shedding light option. We are all in the pursuit of happiness.

Let's face it, discovering your harmony is a rather intense process. Each of us must live and learn to see what harmonizes within us to get us to our best frame of mind. Our mind constantly communicates with our body and soul. 

We inevitably end up stumbling along the way. That’s just part of being a human. We are all a work in progress. No one is exempt from this hard truth, so don’t be too quick to judge others (or yourself.)  Even if you don’t see it or believe it now, each step is completely and totally worth it! Always be true to yourself as you journey forward. This means you must live your truth.

Fact: No one (not even yourself) can tell you or force you to be inspired by something. We each control the ingredients of our own special recipe. That’s what makes our secret sauce!

There are many vessels for inspiration to be delivered to us. Some methods end up speaking more clearly than others. The powerful book The 5 Love Languages was my first breadcrumb on the path to understanding my authentic inspiration and the key to my own peace of mind. Ultimately, my personal growth and transformation story began here.

What does “Dick Coffee Travel” mean?

On the surface, the grouping of these words is meant to grab your attention. It’s a bit of a shock factor to some (which is a fabulous reaction because it means you read it.) And even though shock can be kind of jarring, I love it for that very reason. These words inspire me so much that I decided to create a clothing collection to feature and wear my truth - DCT Collection.

But, if you look at the phrase beyond the surface and dig in to consider the wholeness of it all put together, you’ll see that each word represents a much bigger truth and purpose at the core. These 3 words are important symbols to me. That means that I live a Dick Coffee Travel state of mind. Yes, I’m announcing it to the world, this is me! I’m finding inspiration and living my truth in my DCT tank top!

#1: Dick = Passion + Love

It’s long been said that true love combines passion, intimacy, and commitment. It should be expressed in a manner that connects to you individually. That means it can look different ways to each of us. And whichever way it presents itself to you is the right thing for you.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that my love language is physical touch. “Dick” is a bold interpretation and blunt shorthand for this love language given my generation (we like to keep it real and speak our minds.) But that’s what makes it unique and special to me.  

Our specific love language is a healthy kind of craving that needs to be satisfied, and when it is, it results in authentic love. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and embrace your love language with your whole heart. Don’t be vague about what you want and need. Realize too that it’s imperative you understand the love language of not only yourself but also your partner. True love is a 2-way street of effective communication.

Please don’t feel embarrassed if you’re unsure of your love language today. (I was late to the “self awareness party” on this concept!) Whether you’ve never heard of Dr. Chapman’s book or if it’s been some time since you’ve explored your love language, just promise me you’ll read it soon. I challenge you to seriously open-up to the deep dive process of finding out what makes you tick and what checks your boxes when it comes to your love language.

Understanding and receiving love in a language that speaks to you will result in an abundance of inspiration and allows your mind to thrive in its flame. So what exactly are you waiting for? Light that fire, girlfriend!

#2: Coffee = Drive + Ambition

Many of us relate and can connect some of our greatest thoughts and ideas to the act of drinking coffee, am I right? The result of this “sippage” is an amazing realization or creative unveiling in our mind and body. (After all, caffeine is a raw stimulant.)

When I think of hard work, determination, grit, and achievement, I see a cup of coffee close by, or as Dolly Parton describes it “a cup of ambition.” To me, coffee represents this drive and ambition within myself. It’s much more than a morning ritual. It’s a critical part of my daily routine so I invite inspiration into my day…at any point.

Coffee may be credited for waking us up in the morning (thankfully AND rightfully so,) but I also believe it to be the stimulating fuel that propels powerful inspiration, the need for achievement, and the mental wellness of a positive state of mind. It’s a fresh start in a cup. If it were up to me, I’d pour coffee over my entire life! Judge away. It’d be so worth it! 

#3: Travel = Curiosity + Adventure

Your homey comfort zone is a satisfying, familiar place. Yet, if you’re looking to grow, you won’t do it at all without truly stretching yourself. Let’s be honest - that’s a hard truth in personal development, my friend. If you want to grow, you’re going to have to accept that there will likely be struggles and a reconfiguring of the status quo state in your life. Embrace what this change means for you and start living an inspired life! 

Transcending your status quo to experience growth requires a trip outside this comfort bubble. Traveling represents the embracement of curiosity and adventure. You empower yourself to transform and grow in ways you may not even imagine when you buy this ticket out of the known zone. You find yourself.

Traveling (near or far) broadens our horizons. I encourage you to do this as often as you can. Don’t confine your life to only the repeat setting. If you don’t travel out, your spirit will stay asleep and the power inside of you will remain locked away. Both of these things are not ideal (at all) and can be easily remedied by hopping in your car or on a plane and getting the hell out of Dodge. It’s ok to want a new start.

Your inspiration will only emerge and embody you if you’ve allowed room for it. Ultimately, that might require you to let go of some of the clutter you’ve collected over the years. Free up the static swirling around in your head so that your mind can focus on your symbols. 

Whether you’re down with DCT or not, I hope you’ll chose to live your life stimulated and inspired. When I decided to do just that, my life flipped upside down (in the most positive way ever!) I learned that a fresh start is only as scary as we allow it to be.

So, take a minute and close your eyes. Imagine your ideal state of mind. What do you see? What do you feel? 

Here’s to Dick Coffee Travel - a lifestyle of healthy relationships, healthy habits, and positive thinking. It’s a state of mind unlike any other you’ve seen or heard of before.



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