About - Less Flowers More Tongue

Less Flowers More Tongue is a tribute to the vulnerability that opens the door to authentic and stimulated self-discovery. Our Brand strives to celebrate individuals for who they are - inside and out. We strive to give each person the confidence needed to explore who they are fully and in depth. We want you to recognize what you want out of life and how you can actually get it!

We vow to be real, raw, open, and bold… we don’t hold much back here, so get ready. It’s our hope that through our efforts we will be a bolt of electricity in people’s lives. We also hope to provide empowerment and stimulation that opens your eyes up to the possibilities that await you inside your story.

Claire in front of an arch in a red dress

A Note From Our Stimulator-in-Chief:

Hi Friend,

I’m going to kick this self-love note off with some brutal honesty: I was at war with myself for a very long time. You may know what I mean when I say this all too well - that constant place where you avoided exploring the hard questions that were right in front of you in order to continue living a “happy” life. Why do we do that? Everyone probably does it for the same reason - out of sheer fear. What did I fear, though? I feared vulnerability and the truly terrifying volatility of profound change. I was scared of discovering myself and finally admitting that I might have failed at something (because I did not like to fail at anything).

In the spring of 2016, I began therapy. If we’re being honest here (and we get really honest here at Less Flowers More Tongue), I really never considered therapy before then. Therapy seemed like something that was for other people, not me. I didn’t need it. I was “fine.” Until I wasn’t…

The fact was I was not fine. It didn’t take long for me to get face-to-face with some of my demons and my truths - I hated myself and the direction of my future. I didn’t expect what would come up, so imagine my surprise when those ugly truths hit me square in the face.

Going to therapy turned out to be the exact wake up call that I was desperately waiting for (subconsciously, of course.) Unfortunately, wake up calls have little value if there is no action that comes after it. Running from my introduction to vulnerability, I buried my thoughts and feelings way deep down inside of my soul. I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing this truth with anyone, not even myself. The action that needed to take place didn’t happen. I was dormant for a long time.

Over this dark period in my life, I went off the deep end. I literally submerged myself in routines and activities that were nothing but empty stimulates with no real, lasting value on my life. What my life lacked was authentic balance because I had zero. There was this constant power struggle that raged inside of me between pure chaos and “get-your-shit-together.” My energy and self-worth were constantly depleted. I was overall unstimulated but had no idea.

In the summer of 2017, I was introduced by a family friend to a book, unfamiliar to me at the time, called The 5 Love Languages. Immediately after reading it, I felt a release and pulse of electricity course through my body! After rereading, I felt peace and certainty come over my life like I hadn’t felt before.

If you’ve ever been in a dark room before, you know what it's like when someone does the final twist of the light bulb that illuminates the darkness. It was in that moment that I faced the truth. I knew, more than ever, what I needed less of and more of to find my true happiness and stimulation. Here’s to winning the war that you may have waged against yourself and finding out what lights you up from the inside out each and every single day.


Claire “Bear”