Our Brand - Less Flowers More Tongue

Stimulate - verb meaning to excite to activity, growth or to greater activity (Merriam Webster)

The thing about life is it takes balance. To live a truly fulfilling life, you have to have a little less of “this” and a whole lot more of “that.”

Less Flowers More Tongue is a tribute to the vulnerability that opens the door to authentic and stimulated self-discovery. Inspired by the powerful book The 5 Love Languages, Less Flowers More Tongue aims to bring people into their real, unapologetic selves as they learn who they are and what they desire through self-expression, good health, and exciting adventures.

Our Brand strives to celebrate individuals for who they are - inside and out. We strive to give each person the confidence needed to explore who they are fully and in depth. We want you to recognize what you want out of life and how you can actually get it!

Less Flowers More Tongue endeavors to be real, raw, open, and bold. We don’t hold much back here, so get ready. It’s our hope that through our efforts we will be a bolt of electricity in people’s lives. We also hope to provide empowerment and stimulation that opens your eyes up to the possibilities that await you inside your story.

You’re constantly writing that story, so what are you waiting for? Let’s journey together and discover more about who we are so we can be who we were always meant to be - unapologetically, authentically, awesomely us!